A Capella – Song of the Siren

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Charlie Capelle owns a pretty little trimaran. Or, should I say, she owns him.

It’s obvious isn’t it, that boats own us, and not the other way ’round. The money and time we lavish on them pays spectacular dividends. The un-afflicted invest their money at a reasonable rate in a respectable fund or stock, perhaps even a financial instrument. But what does it return? At best a few more pennies than invested, and at worst – and more likely – a free hand-out to a rich and wiley financier.

No…take your hard-earned money and invest it wisely in a beautiful boat. You may diversify your investment amongst beautiful women – and money spent thus is not squandered – but the wise man always remains true to his love – to his boat.

Charlie Capelle is such a man. He is a boat builder extraordinaire, a man of immense talent and ability, a man of incredible patience and virtue. Charlie is also an unstoppable force of nature – Charlie is in love.

Charlie’s amore is a pretty yellow trimaran; A Capella her name – 42 feet of cold molded wood and epoxy designed by Nigel Irens and built by Walter Greene.

They are famous. Perhaps you’ve heard the story – Charlie was at Greene Marine in Maine when she was born, rescued her from a beach in Brittany, pulled her degraded and forlorn wreck from a hellish Spanish boatyard, raced her solo across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, bought her twice, salvaged her a third time, and will race her across the Atlantic again solo to the Caribbean! He and A Capella have been together (on and off) for 30 years and together have written a sea-story for the ages.

Her rescues and resurrections are legendary. His commitment and dedication to the little boat phenomenal. A Capella – a song sung without accompaniment – is a charming and appropriate name for her. Three times she has been abandoned, and three times he has brought her back to life, each time to set out again, solo, across the wild, blue Atlantic.

Charlie Capelle lives an epic life. He follows his passion – succumbs to his siren. Her beautiful call lures him again and again into the wilderness. He listens, and all she requires is that he accompany her, renounce his fortune and risk everything. He must prevail to save her – if he no longer hears her, she will die – and that he cannot stand. Saving her, risking everything for her, even the idea of her – he saves himself. We should all be blessed to live so magnificently.

Click on the link for an English version of Monsieur Capelle’s story first published in SeaHorse magazine in 2010. Also, find the Acapella Website here. And please enjoy the collection of photos and videos below.

A Capella US – Seahorse sept 2010

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