Anacortes – chasing the R2AK

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It was 90 degrees in Georgia when I left a couple of weeks ago. It’s currently 55 degrees in Anacortes WA….threatening to drizzle. Today I launched, rigged, fueled, watered and provisioned the boat. Tomorrow, I will head for Bowman Bay to overnight, before crossing over to Port Townsend on Sunday. I’ll anchor out there with a ringside seat for the festivities. I’ll follow the pedaling herd to Victoria, before dropping out of the peloton somewhere north of Sucia and returning to Anacortes.

2015-04-05 18.11.10

Maravilla is in remarkably good shape following her transcontinental sleigh ride. I replaced some bolts in the master step, repaired the VHF antenna connector at the top of the mast and scrubbed the road grime off her. She still sports some bug guts on the beams, but the sea should take care of that.

We are ready, boat and I, to go to the celebration that is R2AK. We will chase after it hoping that some of the guts, glitz and glory will rub off and give us a taste of something grand.

See ya round!

Elsie Piddock


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