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Corsair 31 UCI think we might start a new monthly feature where we take a look at the trimarans currently listed on and give you all a link to them. Today, we found Team Actual online and that started us looking for others. Turns out there are a bunch…..and some of em are pretty enticing!

Actual being the creme de la creme of course, lets look at some of the other boats on the market. We like the 27 out in Hawaii – good starting price, single spreader – so would need some upgrading –  I suspect the boat may have scared her previous owner in the muscular conditions off Molokai and was rarely used. All conjecture of course. Do your due diligence and check her pedigree, but she is worth a look for sure!

Then there is Green Flash – Dave Calverts old Crowther catamaran. I remember back in the day when The Flash was THE multihull to have. This was in pre-Gunboat days mind you. But still, Green Flash will give you Gunboat performance for a fraction the price. Perfect Bahamas boat is the Flash. And Dave will certainly give you some pointers.

And the 31’s….oh my! If you look close you will find Cheekee Monkee on the list for a measly 125K! That is a freakin’ steal ya’ll! Sure she went dorsal fin up once, but she is still here right? Didnt hurt anyone, get the greasy side down again and take off! That is one fast, fast boat and would be an amazing pet. I remember Monkee chasing Randy Smyth’s Yo down in Florida….good times!

And…and….there is a Newick on the list. A beloved Newick 26 is for sale – well maintained and beautiful as ever! Somebody go get that boat and let her make your life worthwhile!

I dont see my old Marples 44 “Sunner” listed….I wonder if she sold or what the story is?

I love looking at boats for sale – and this list has some beauties! A lonely F-27, Cheekee Monkee, Actual, Green Flash, a classic Newick….man….my mouth is watering!

They are beautiful are they not? So get her… know you want to!|1&enid=0&hmid=0&Ntt=trimaran&currencyid=100&luom=126&bcint=4&psdistance=1&pszipcode=98221&bclint=0&No=60

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