Eight new Trimarans under 30 feet – an overview

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In recent years at least eight exciting “transportable” trimarans have been produced or are currently under active development. The eight are:

  1. Diam 24
  2. Multi 23
  3. Radikal T26
  4. SeaCart 26
  5. Corsair 750
  6. Farrier F-22
  7. Airplay RAW 30
  8. Astus 24

Advances in materials and analysis have given designers the tools to design strong, light structures and apply increasing loads to those structures to achieve significant performance gains over boats designed several years ago.

Trailerable – or transportable – trimarans are a tiny segment of the sailboat market, itself shrinking. Even the venerable F27 only sold 450 or so boats. So how is it that such a small market segment has generated eight new designs? Are these firms off their rockers or do they foresee something in the market that we do not see. Is it possible they are trying to produce a trimaran version of the ubiquitous Melges 24? Are they looking at the Weta – who recently delivered their 1000th boat – and licking their lips? Or perhaps they are just passionate about trimarans and can’t help trying to advance the state of the art.

I dont think we can answer that question yet – time will tell how it all plays, and it probably varies between boats anyway. But meanwhile there are a slew of choices for those in the market for a quick, transportable trimaran.

The group can be loosely divided by the technique used to transport them. Some are dis-assembled (de-mounted), others fold or slide. They can be further divided into those with accomodations and those that eschew accomodations – a la the Weta – and go for flat out speed.

Folders/Sliders: Corsair 750, Farrier F-22, Airplay RAW 30, SeaCart 26, Radikal T26, Astus 24

Demountables: Multi 23, Diam 24

Accomodators: Astus 24, Airplay RAW 30, Corsair 750, Farrier F-22, Radikal T26

Speedsters: Multi 23, Diam 24, SeaCart 26

There are curved foils, float transom rudders, synthetic rigging, carbon fiber beams, hulls, rudders and masts.

This is an interesting class of boat with plenty of creativity and innovation. The only things missing are solid wings and full foiling, but that cannot be far behind.

In the next few weeks we will take a closer look at each one. Meanwhile, below are some videos of each we trust you will enjoy.

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