Farrier F-22 vs Corsair Sprint 750 MkII

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Oh, how I have been dreading this comparison! Because I know how you all are! You are going to defend your favorite to the death and to hell with anyone else. True fanatics you are and I risk stirring your ire at my peril

But I can put it off no longer – it is time to face the demon head on! We are going to have to compare a Farrier head to head with a Corsair!

As part of our ongoing series comparing transportable trimarans under 30 feet, the F22 and the Sprint 750 just lock horns immediately. Lets look at some numbers.


Sail Area – Main and Jib – 389 sq ft

Displacement – 1400 lbs (average of Farrier reported weights)

Draft (board down) – 4′ 11”

Beam (unfolded) – 18′ 1″

SA/D ration – 49.73 High Performance

Mia F22

Sprint 750 MkII

Sail Area (main and jib) – 411 sq ft

Displacement – 1795 lbs

Draft (board down) – 5′ 3″

Beam (unfolded) – 17 ft 11 in

SA/D – 44.52 High Performance

Sprint 750

So from the numbers provided by the manufacturers, the F22 looks to be a bit more of a performer – with a higher SA/D ratio and a wider beam. However, he Sprint may surprise upwind with her deeper board. I truly would hate to have to rate these two.

As for accommodations, both boats are minimalist when it comes to cruising comfort – as expected in high performance 22 foot trimarans. Its not about the bedding, its about the screaming 18 knot reaches! However, in the interests of comparison – the F22 comes in multiple variants from cuddy cabin to aft cabin. While if you want a Corsair Sprint with more than a cuddy, it becomes Dash and several hundred pounds heavier. Still a fun boat, but not quicksilver quick like the F22 and the Sprint.

Lets be honest, neither boat is  a cruiser, though we have received reports of rather remarkable cruises made aboard each model lately. No, neither of these boats is a cruiser – they are, instead, magic carpets.

In the course of writing this review, it became obvious that the boats are essentially equivalent. A recent view of Boats.com reveals a 2008 F22 available for 47.5K and a 2012 Sprint MkII for 69K. The Sprint offers factory construction and support, while the F22 offers innovation and superb design. The F22 is probably a slightly better performer, but the MkII would be nipping at your heels and could easily overtake with any given windshift. But the 22 is less expensive – but the MkII is factory built on a dependable assembly line.

Its mind boggling trying to pick between these two and I guess that is the point isn’t it? We don’t choose our boats based on numbers or performance values or even dollar figures. We choose our boats based on how our heart jumps when we see her for the first time. She talks and we listen, then we fall in line and do what it takes to bring her into the family. When the stars align and the time is right and the money is good a certain trimaran comes home to her family – more a pet than a boat.

Because, you see, both of these boats brilliantly serve their intended purpose – they both take people sailing – fast and fun. They both take us where we need to go – out on the water, tiller in one hand, sheet in another, heeling to a warm gentle breeze with good friends aboard. They both are remarkably easy to launch and beach and recover and transport to another destination. Both are magic carpets to bliss.

Both will let you do this.

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