For the Love of Trimarans

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Just a few of the items we followed this week.

From Greg and Jeanne a-building Farrier F-36 Ravenswing:

As kids in Sonoma, we’d try riding bikes with no hands on the bars all the way down Denmark street. It helped if the tires were pumped up firm and your core was tuned up (from pulling weeds).…

Source: Look Ma, no hands! | F36 #005 Ravenswing – Trimaran Building

Photo courtesy Greg Carter

From Corsair Marine:

Welcome to the 760! Get the inside story on the Corsair 760…talk to the team at 180 Marine. The Corsair 760 offers this better than any other high performance sport boat. In cruising mode, it is incredibly easy to sail, even single-handed. Sometimes you choose to be sailing alone, and sometimes it just ends up that way with the crew asleep after a great summer’s day out on the water. All sail controls lead back to the cockpit. The 760 sails with almost zero heeling. It slips through the water with a minimum of fuss and gets you home quickly & safely.

180 Marine is offering a webinar on the 760 in January. More info here if you want to ask the Corsair boffins at 180 Marine more about their latest.

Source: Welcome to the 760 — 180marine.com180 Marine

From Jason and Claudia on Spirit:

12/11/2016Sebana Cove to Admiralty Marina, Malaysia2 COMMENTS Wow what a passage. This little trimaran makes us both work hard. She’s not easy but then again she is incredibly rewarding and offers a level of sailing few get to experience.We had an amazing first night out of Singapore. The wind slowly filled in after about five hours of motoring in which we covered 25nm. This got us halfway around the southern edge of Singapore. From there the wind filled in from the east. It was night and we unfurled the big reacher, which gave us around 4-9kts of boat speed. The speed changed as did o​ur angles to it as we wove our way in and out of the ships at anchor and ships heading into the different ports. There was only one time when I had to change course and shine a bright light at an over taking ship that was cutting us off and very close to running us over. He probably couldn’t tell our exact course and presumed we were running a bit deeper than we were. It’s wasn’t an issue though and we just run off for a few minutes putting a hundred feet between us as opposed to none!

Source: Sebana Cove to Admiralty Marina, Malaysia – Trimaran spirit

Courtesy Jason Gard

From La Belle France – Francis Joyon and his band of brothers sets out again to challenge the Jules Verne Trophy.

IDEC SPORT HAS BEGUN HER ATTEMPT TO WIN THE JULES VERNE TROPHY16 December 2016At 08:19:00 UTC* in the first glimmer of light this Friday, IDEC SPORT crossed the start line off Ushant at more than twenty knots in her dash to grab the outright round the world record. The six men on board have to be back by 22:00:53 UTC on Monday 30th January to improve on the time set in January 2012 by Loïck Peyron’s crew and see their name inscribed on the famous Trophy.


Thomas Coville continues his magnificent run at the solo round the world record. The latest news, video and tracker here.

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