Moxie – THAT Moxie – is for sale

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Mr. Phil Weld – writer, publisher, soldier, adventurer, solo-sailor – commissioned Mr Richard Newick to build a boat – not once, but three times. Not just any boat, but a boat that could win the adventurous OSTAR Single-Handed Transatlantic Race. Finally, on the third try, in 1980, it all came together and the 65 year old Mr Weld sailed their third collaboration to victory. Not only did he win the race, he set a new record of 17 days 23 hours. Trimarans dominated the 1980 OSTAR and captured the first five places. Dominance that continues today with Macif, Sodebo, Spindrift and IDEC. The name of that third boat – the successful one – the one incorporating all of Mr Weld’s and Mr Newick’s experience – the one that set  trimaran dominance is – of course – Moxie.


Moxie with her extreme swoop and sweep, her needle hulls and her big bulletproof beams is obviously Newick. Powerful and fast through the water, with a sweet motion, Mr Newick’s genius is evident in every detail. Her cockpit layout reflects Mr Weld’s solo sailing experience. Any fan of multihulls will recognize her and her pedigree immediately. Be prepared to spend hours talking to dock denizons wherever you tie her up.

Moxie DSC00351 DSC00347 DSC00345 DSC00344

The Grande Dame of multihull racing is for sale. Moxie is available for 150000 Euro, a bargain for such a historic, capable trimaran. But you wont find Moxie listed on Yachtworld or Stephane, her current owner – says this Golden Oldie will only be sold to a Golden Oldie sailor. He wont sell her to just any old bloke walking up on the internet – no, you will have to earn Stephane’s trust and respect before he turns Moxie’s salty and historic wheel over to you. Enjoy caring for and maintaining this beauty as though she were a Stradivarious – as has Stephane. She is, after all, a religious relic.

moxie Photo_GO_22

Re-enact Mr Weld’s OSTAR, take her down to the islands and take the faithful out on day sails for a dream retirement. Please use the form at the bottom of this page if you would like more information.

You can find more history and information on Moxie in the links below. Enjoy clicking through this classic multihull’s  history.

And for a special treat – below is the National Film Board of Canada’s documentary of the 1980 OSTAR in its entirety. Enjoy!


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