Out of the Blue – Trimaran Journal in print

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They pay me to sit at a desk and chase trivial paper around their intranet. Its a lucrative gig, ridiculous for the amount of work and thought required. If they only knew how under-employed I was, they would bid me adieu sure. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so, while chasing bits of virtual paper, I take moments of their time and daydream of things that intrigue me – boats, the sea and writing.

Shackled to a computer, I decided to take on a project I have threatened for awhile. I always wanted to compile my favorite essays from this little journal – add some photos taken along the way – and bind them all up in a nice pretty 8 1/2 by 11 package. So, I purchased the required software, mucked about for a couple of weeks, had a false start or two – and finally – eh Voila! Its a book, a manuscript, a tome!

Its a bit pricey to create such a thing, so I cant just give it away – you will have to buy it. But I think its worth the cash layout. Sure, you can read the same articles on the web on your computer or phone, but reading a real book, hefting it in your hands, turning real pages – is wonderful. This book also has a number of original illustrations that are not on the website. With a book you can toss it on the settee or cabin table and take it sailing with you. Give it to friends and let them take it sailing. Nothing would please me more than to find  my words in a dog-eared copy of my book on a fast trimaran, in a lost corner of the watery world.

I now have the skills and connections to manipulate images and create actual documents. Expect me to saddle you with more such offerings in the future. If I could offer a new volume every 6 months or so it would be great!  This could be the start of a publishing phenomenon!

Or not….its a lot of work.

The book is called “Out of the Blue” is 120 pages of goodness and is from me to you.

You can buy it directly from this website – click below or under the “Cool Swag” button. You can also order it from any of your favorite booksellers.

Now stop surfing and go sailing…..

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