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Kens rebuild 1 Kens rebuild 2

Sometimes, form follows function so perfectly that high art results. Stand back and admire the line, the swoop, the brave shear. Appreciate the mind that could conceive and execute such a shape. And be grateful that someone with brains, resources and….moxie….fell so deeply in love that they stopped at nothing to bring her back to life and joy.

Rumor is she swims soon and we hope to keep you up to date.

By request (and cuz its a great idea) we have started a new feature here on The Trimaran Journal – The Classics. In it we will celebrate the resurrection, care, sailing, purchase, design and coolness that comes with these great boats. There is also a new forum set up just for you classic trimaran nuts – feel free to go there and share away. And if the sweetheart above wets your whistle – check this out – Newick 38 for sale


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  1. The boat listed for sale is a great boat, pretty, fast, well built and designed by Dick Newick.
    The price is, to me, high but the boat is exceptional.

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