Port Townsend – Chasing R2AK

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I am anchored just off the Taylor Street pier in Port Townsend walking distance to R2AK world headquarters. I hit the tide to cross Juan de Fuca exactly, sweeping down Guemes channel on the ebb and into Port Townsend on the flood. It was an accident, I am not that good even when I plan it out. The crossing was rainy and cold, but calm.

A jazz duo were practicing on the pier as I arrived, and street kids were drumming away in town – Port Townsend remains unique and quirky, fleece and wool the preferred garments.

There is not much evidence of the R2AK hubbub to come later this week. Most teams are still sorting gear and provisions or making their way here. I saw Brodurna go pedaling thru the marina in Anacortes last night, the boys looking mighty relaxed as they drove the big tri at good pace with dual pedal drives. It will be interesting to see the contraptions devised by the other racers.

I’m disappointed Tritium wont make the race, but kudos to them for picking up Jailbreak as a replacement. I had an opportunity to see her last year and she is wicked fast. If she holds together and they rig a good drive system and they can stand the exposure given her spartan accomodations they have a good shot at the 10K.

A repeat of last years northerly buster doesnt appear likely. In fact, conditions could be light and drizzly this year, favoring the paddlers over the carbon rocketeers. We shall see. In any event, those from sunnier climes best be prepared for the damp chill brought on by 50 degree rain.

Paddling ashore tomorrow in search of R2AK rumors…..or perhaps to start a few.



Jailbreak at Summer Splash 2015




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