Port Townsend – Fathers Day at the R2AK

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Beauty day in Port Townsend today to welcome a few more R2AKers. In town, pasty white, lumpy fathers celebrated their day and followed their wives and sweethearts into and out of the curio stores, coffee shops and ice cream parlors with no inkling that a world class sailing adventure is about to launch.

Small knots of R2AKers gathered here and there near the marina and maritime center. They were easy to spot amongst the touristy throng…serious, dedicated, hauling boxes of gear, opening containers of supplies, splicing and rigging amsteel, rowing in and out of the boat basin. Not pasty or lumpy, but tanned, lean and fit, wearing shorts and sandals, taken in by the lovely weather. All that soon to change.

The thoroughly badass dudes from Team Alula brought her over from Anacortes and started to tune her up. The Leusure furl boom the only departure from the normal F27 rig. They are wheelchair bound, and to talk to them and see them work on the boat is as inspirational as it gets. Are they crazy? Of course they are…we agreed it takes a lot of beer to make the R2AK a good idea for anyone, let alone wheelchair drivers.


Alula (right) and Sistership (left) – the Hunter is a tourist.

Sistership is here. The girls brought her up from Port Hadlock and immediately started loading gear and supplies. Snazzy hoodies and fleeces, sporting that great Sistership logo marks them. Skipper Michelle has her hands full directing the crowd of helpers working to get the boat ready.

Liteboat is here too. Mathieu rigged her, launched and rowed out into the Point Hudson tide rips this AM. The bost is impressive, but tiny! In a bit of a surprise….Liteboat sports a chute too!


Team Aint Brain Surgery was out practicing with their new sweeps this PM. Hope they dont need to use them much – an F31 is a big girl when you have to move her by hand.

Ghost rider/Golden Oldies is back for another go too…..but suffering some sail trouble already.


Finally, that wicked orange trimaran arrived on her wheels. Tritium racing crew were spotted wandering aimlessly thru the marina, road-buzzed, a little growly with each other, wondering where the hell to launch. 1000 miles of I-5 boat towing will do that to you.

I expect to see most teams arriving in the next day or two and I will try to share many more pics.


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