Radikal T26 Trimaran – new all carbon folding trimaran

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Radikal T26

A new entry in the folding trimaran sweepstakes has been zooming around Port Medoc recently. The Radikal T26 comes from the design board of Phil Roulin at Perspective Yacht Design and was built by StratoCompo who built the Multi50 for Lalou Roucairol. Its a quick boat as evidenced by the videos below, with wave piercing hulls a la Irens and curved dagger boards mounted in the floats. The folding mechanism is similar in concept if not execution to a Farrier. Twin kick up rudders are mounted on the floats and a bowsprit for gennaker flying.

The boat comes ready to sail with main, jib and gennaker for $122K.

The rig looks to be a little less extreme than the high aspect ration Diam 24 and the entire treatement of the Radikal is more for a fast comfortable ride, than the hair on fire thrill of the Diam. Still, she should put plenty of smiles on faces with her good looks and spirited performance.

We note that Mr Roulin is also working on the exciting Exocet 19 foiling trimaran at Perspective.

The Radikal, the Diam, and Tony Graingers RAW 30 are new entries into a crowded niche market already served by Farrier, Corsair and Multi among others. It remains to be seen which, if any, of the newcomers can make a go of it.

Good times for trimaran fans though, with plenty of options.

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