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Trimaran Journal is an online publication intended to communicate the magic felt while blast reaching across the bay on the most amazing boats ever made. White, smoky spray flying to leeward, incredible speed, immense loads on rig, sails and gear – handled.

In short…..the reason we get up in the morning.


  1. Nice Little Journal, whom needs to be known… So we have sent a post from our twitter account in order to help a bit! 😉 https://twitter.com/multi23factory

  2. Thank you much for the nod! Great little boats are the Multis. Cheers!

  3. G’day from Down Under! Just stumbled across your site and what can I say… Fantastic! Let’s hope you can build a massive online community of like minded individuals!

    • Hullo Tony! Apologies for the late reply….Thanks much for the encouragemen and comments. Will be posting on the F27 again in a little bit as we document some mods done to our boat to prepare her for extended road trip cruising. Cheers!

  4. Hello from germany, I just found you, will promote your journal.
    Good luck
    Werner Stolz
    Corsair Marine dealer in germany, austria and switzerland

  5. Glad to see a forum like this on FaceBook. Wish you much success !
    How about a section on older or vintage Trimarans, I have an old Newick and would love to hear from others with similar boats. Maybe set up a race series for the older boats..

    • Hi Ken –
      Thanks for the encouragement! We can definitely set something up for older/classic boats. Have you checked out the Golden Oldies in France? Their website is http://www.goldenoldies.biz and a number of classic race boats are members. Loick Peyron owns one of them and promises to race it in the next Route Du Rhum. Happy New Year and would love to hear more about your boat!

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