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Greetings all –

Some news from Trimaran Journal world headquarters: I am taking a couple of creative writing classes from Stanford University (yes, THAT Stanford U) for the next couple of months. I try to do most of the required writing for the classes while being paid to “work” at a large multi-national aerospace corporation, but find the classes require a good deal of effort and time. The result is that my posts to the Trimaran Journal will be more sporadic than usual over the next few months. Apologies in advance, but I think good things will come of the continuing education.

In the meantime, may I suggest you peruse Jason and Claudia’s excellent website www.trimaranspirit for a trimaran fix. All photos in this post are shamelessly lifted from their site. They will soon be back aboard Spirit with many stories to share, I am sure. Enjoy!

See ya ’round….

Source: Trimaran spirit – Australia – Indonesia

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