Song of the Sirens

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Scout good bye

I am in trouble. I spent hours surfing YachtWorld looking at boats…dreaming of boats – afflicted. I peruse the ad, click through the photos, critical as hell. No way, I tell myself, that boat is nothing but trouble…big project….lots of money to make right….impossible. But then, SHE shows up on my screen and I groan out loud. SHE is beautiful beyond compare. SHE has no bad traits, is perhaps in need of some love and care – poor, neglected thing – bastard deserted her. But SHE is gorgeous! My stomach does a little flip and I start spending money in my head – all the money – its only cash for godsakes and just look at HER. So, pull up a chair, let me pour you a dram – and let me share my addiction.

I necessarily had to limit my search, else I would be showing you MOD70 Spindrift 2 for $1.8 million – and thats just crazy. My more modest criteria was Sail, Trimaran, 39-60 ft, less than $200K. These limits weed out the folding beauties – there are so many of them available that we would get lost for weeks shopping, and returns true diamonds in the rough.

Note: Trimaran Journal does not broker or represent any of these boats – they are offered for your entertainment only. Forthwith –

Carisa Chris White Juniper

Carisa – 1989 Chris White Juniper 2 – $199900

At the top of our price range, but an absolutely gorgeous boat. Composite wood/epoxy/fiberglass construction with a sumptuous and innovative interior. Long and lean she could fly forever. At 55 feet long, she might be a handful for a single-hander, but 200-250 mile days will be common. Located in Miami, contact Edwards Yacht Sales Email: for details.


Sunner – 1998 Marples 44 Fast Cruiser – $116744

Sunner is an old flame of mine, having owned and cruised her several years ago. She is a good, stout, simple boat that will look after you. She may not light it up speed-wise, but she will run 8-9 knots all day without strain. She would benefit from new, more modern sails but she is nicely appointed and will take you cruising without too much more investment. Located in Saint Augustine Florida, contact Mark Jarvis, Yacht Sales MULTIHULL WORLD LTD, Thornham Marina, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 8DD, UK Phone: (+44) 1243 377 333 Email: for details.

Coulombel 40

Johnny be Bad – 1994 Coulombel 40 – $127000

The previous two cruisers gave up some speed for comfort and strength. This boat is a flat out racer. She is de-mountable and looks wicked fast. The carbon mast may be fixed – strange on a boat this radical, but minor modification may allow it to rotate. She needs some tender loving care, this one, but would pay you back in thrills galore. Located in St Martin contact contact Herve Harel at +590.690.762.222 for details.

hydrofolie 2


Hydrofolie – 1979 Pichavant 40 – $59800

Your chance to own a true Golden Oldie. New Synthetic rigging, Karver furlers, North sails, rotating mast – this boat will fly. A well-maintained forty foot racing tri – with a great pedigree and a member of the famed Golden Oldies – with some negotiation you might get her for close to the cost of a new Corsair Pulse 600, but oh, so much more capable. Located in France, contact Jerôme LE JOUBIOUX – – +33 (0)6 07 45 71 73 for details. 

pados - newick

Pados – 1995 Newick Creative 42 – $160000

It wouldnt be a complete list without a Newick. Pados is a beautiful example of the master’s art. Rotating mast, carbon boom, daggerboard and lifting foils from Phils Foils this Newick has some tricks up her sleeve. She has a new cruising interior, a composting head and will take your far, fast. She may benefit from a carbon mast, but she has always been fresh water sailed and is ready to go. Located in Canada, contact Tom Kintz, CPYB at (+1) 860-572-7767/Multihull World for details. 

Scout 2

Scout – 1999 Greene Marine 39 – $117500

Saving the best for last – a chance to own a boat designed and built by multihull legend Walter Greene for less, far less, than a new folding tri. Scout was built of carbon/fiberglass and equipped with a carbon mast, synthetic shrouds, Raymarine electronics. Light and fast, she has a bright and roomy interior for long fast cruises. Set up for single-handing, the rudder can tilt up for thin water operations. Perfect and set up nicely for a Bahamas cruise. Located in Maine, contact Spencer Drake at 207-846-4545 of East Coast Yacht Sales, Yarmouth Maine for details. 

The sirens are calling. We can plug our ears and avert our eyes, but we still know now that they are out there…charming and enticing us.  It is a sad, sweet song they sing and one that we cannot escape. Beware sailorman, once heard, she will take you whence you cannot return.


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  1. We received the following message in our Forum section. Seems to fit as a comment to this article as well. If you are looking for a Marples project, please consider the following and give them a call!

    I have a never launched Marples 35 trimaran on a trailer for sale, she has over $35k in brand new parts,winches mast,sails,boom,etc the center hull is almost done, including the interior. the amas are also nearly done, ready for deck. the center board and rudder are built, the berths are built,the aft cabin is built, the head is installed. Copper bottom, 99% of materials are included to finish. the beams are the last major build.
    the construction is high quality, the materials are first class.
    Jim Brown stated it is John’s best design
    Make offer, will sell with or without $3500 trailer.
    $30k is a steal, but will consider offers. 775 827 2786 Reno NV

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