The Plan – A Manifesto

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2015-04-05 18.11.10Freedom….in a word, is the plan. To live free on and around the water. To travel the watery parts of the world by sail, safe and fast. To voyage, to wander, to explore…to escape the bondage of security and fling willy-nilly headlong towards freedom, adventure and beauty. To release the shackles; dream and discover.


A 1990 Corsair F-27 sailboat is the vehicle for this get away. Found moldering away in a lost corner of a boat yard, she was purchased for a song…and a dance. Resuscitation commenced immediately. Eight months later, she is ready. Details of her resurrection will be found on “The Boat” page of this website and will not be repeated here, but she is one of the finest examples of mid-career Ian Farrier art and design to be found anywhere. She is called Maravilla.

This summer, Maravilla and crew will sail the San Juan archipelago of the Northwest United States, seeking freedom, peace and joy. We will make long, fast cruises from our base in Anacortes to explore these wonderful islands, test our gear and shake out our systems. Then, when the rains return and the Pacific casts its cold, dark wet blanket over the Northwest, we will load Maravilla on her trailer and commence our run South to follow the sun.

Crystalline Tahoe, the Channel Islands, Lakes Powell and Mead and the Sea of Cortez beckon. Maravilla will taste the great Mother Lagoon of Texas; Corpus Christi, Matagorda and Galveston Bays; the boisterous and huge lakes of central and northern Texas. The sugar sand beaches of Florida, a Gulf Stream crossing and a Bahamas expedition complete the plan. All of it to be documented here – in the Maravilla Chronicles.

2015-04-05 19.45.31

There is not enough money for this caper. There will never be enough money. Thru a series of misfortunes, tantrums and tragedies the money is gone (mostly). Thus is met one of the conditions of voyaging – to be true, a voyage should be accomplished on an unsettled financial foundation. Done.

The boat is sound, the equipment excellent, the vision clear. Maravilla – wonder tri – is going wandering.

And if we are lucky and the gods are willing, someday, in a perfect and glorious future – Maravilla will sail in formation with her sister – the formidable Little Wing – in the Virgin Islands. May it be so.




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