The Trimaran News – June 29, 2016

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R2AK Aint brain surgery

As a trimaran, she makes an awful row boat.

As of this morning the R2AK is still led by the M32 Catamaran Mad Dog Racing. The monsters sailing the flying cat are exposed to the weather and tie themselves to the windward rack in a bivvy sack for “rest”. Hardy and tough are not big enough words to describe these fellas. The next two places are monohulls for godsakes! Wait….what is going on? Monohulls? Really? But behind them is a hopeful gaggle of trimarans with Big Broderna in the lead. Hopefully, there is a bit of breeze up north and the tri’s can reel in the uni-marans.

Team Un-Cruise Adventures in chase mode

Team Un-Cruise Adventures in chase mode

Macif remains in New York waiting for a suitable weather window to attempt a Trans Atlantic record. It is not looking good for a few more weeks however. Not sure why Macif is not participating in the Quebec-St Malo Transatlantic race set to depart Quebec July 10 though.

Editors note: Just this morning Macif is on 72 hour alert to depart NY for the record attempt.

Macif waiting to pounce

Macif waiting to pounce

Spindrift 2 and Sodebo will start Quebec-St Malo 2 hours after the rest of the race fleet and will drag race across the Atlantic. Can Thomas Coville beat his own 24 hour record while holding off the bigger, more powerful Spindrift 2?

Sodebo record

And on the 8th of July, starts the Tour De France a la Voiles – 9 acts in 23 days around the periphery of La Belle France in Diam 24 rocket ships. Its worth following the fantastic racing and action in this event.

tour de france a la Diam

Giovanni Soldini is spending lots of other peoples money tuning MOD70 Maserati in the Med, moored in Monaco of all places. Wonder what they have planned for this UFO?

In more personal news –

Maravilla is back in Anacortes after crossing Juan De Fuca last week in the wake of the R2AK racers. I woke that morning to a 15-20 knot breeze and lumpy seas. Motoring away from shore, I had a horrific tangle of anchor rode, furling line, jib sheets, screacher sheets across the port bow net and foredeck. Eventually, I untied the rode and threaded it back thru the mess. All this took time, so when I had it sorted, the racers were long gone. No pics…sigh……

The ride across was great, screacher and main almost the whole way hitting mid teens boat speed. Pretty thrilling when you are sailing solo.

It is time to go back to the salt mines to generate more filthy lucre for the cause. Trimaran Journal doesnt pay the rent unfortunately. So stay tuned as we load Maravilla on her trailer again for a trip to Southern California trading the San Juans for the Channel Islands and points south.

Cheers all and Fair Winds.





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