Tri Dreamin’ – Voyagers real and imagined

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A couple of interesting items came across the internet the past few days. VogageVert – pictured above – hopes to eventually build a fleet of trimarans to ferry passengers across oceans in lieu of commercial air service. Viewed as a green alternative to jet fuel belching Boeings and Airbus, the Quixote’s over at VoyageVert recently completed a CrowdSourcing campaign and raised a goodly amount to begin studies and development.

I’d shell out a couple grand to go schooning across the pond on a big luxurious tri – no doubt. Wishing them all the success in the world, you can read more about them at:

And here is there CrowdSourcing video:

And from the Globe and Mail comes this about a trimaran project in very preliminary stages of development. The idea here is to develop a foiling, autonomous trimaran someone could strap into and go fast voyaging for a week at a time. No…..really!

Argoknot will foil automatically, have enough supplies for one for a week, and have automatic navigation and routing. Speed is claimed to be 50 knots when foiling. You could be Francois Gabart or Thomas Coville for a week – maybe. Anyway – I could find no website or further info on this project, but the renderings are kind of cool. See the article here: The Globe and Mail.

Speaking of Monsieur Coville – here he is in his office this morning – working hard as usual. 22knots with 5900 nautical miles to go. Magnifique! Bon Temps!


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