Trimaran Joy – Go Sailing

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Lending Club and Phaedo3 blast across oceans, blaze new speed records. Orion majestically floats to Ensenada. Rothschild tests new wings. Diam 24’s splash, bounce and rip around one design race courses – rewarding crew work and tactics.


In the middle of an ocean – Atlantis – a carbon fiber work of art rolls her way onward.


In the Bahamas, at anchor on their new Corsair, old friends meet and greet, live their dream.


In California, three little Weta’s connect the dots between patches of wind, dodge the kelp beds. they work their way down the coast on a leisurely cruise and re-discover the calm, clear ocean.


In California, Antigone romps home. 

In Anacortes, Maravilla sails away from the marina on a breezy, cold, sunny day. Rainbows flash in the lee bow spray, her bow wave chuckles, her wake gurgles. Down with the gusts, forestay curvy with pressure, nudge the tiller, go for speed. Maravilla bends the wind, breasts the tide and saves souls.


Go…go now before its too late. Take the helm, feel the wind and put the bows down. Set a record, live a dream, cross an ocean, meet old friends, sail fast, sail slow – but sail you must. She is in the yard, tied to the dock, sitting on her trailer waiting for you. Waiting to thrill you. Waiting to save you. What are you waiting for?



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