Trimaran TV

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Just a quick post to let you all in on some promising experiments I have been running with the site today. I updated the video page with some trick software and can create video galleries for your enjoyment. Its almost like having Trimaran TV. Today is the first day I have been playing with the software and the initial results are promising I think.

So go to the main menu, click on “Trimaran Videos” and select one of the menu items below it for a grouping of videos. I think you will enjoy what is there already, and what I will add in the days to come. There is a ton of great video coming off all sizes and sorts of trimarans these days and I think this is a great way to share it with you all.

If you have a link for a jaw-dropping video you would like to see posted here – or have a video you have shot and would like to share – drop me a line and we will see if we can share it here.

Fair winds all and turn up the sound!



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