Trimaran/Yoga Retreat?

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weta beach

So here’s the idea – we gather a fleet of small quick trimarans – Weta, Astus – supplemented by a couple of larger tris capable of overnight camp/cruises – nothing too big or expensive – and put them on a beach on a beautiful tropical island. On the beach we set up three or four of those “glamping” tents – like this:

glamping 2

The property is eco-friendly – that is; power is solar and/or wind generated, water on site, sewage composted.

We offer week long trimaran sailing and yoga retreats. Sailing, yoga, good fresh local food, a beach bonfire – throw in some kayaks and SUP’s – who wouldnt want to spend time there? Similar to a surf camp, but for sailors. We would teach non-sailors to sail, and give sailors the opportunity to sail fast and fun with no worries. There would be racing (of course), raiding and lots of laughs. When the season is over, we pack up the tents and boats and either store them till next season or move to the other hemisphere and do it again.

beach yoga

I think I know a place in the Bahamas……

weta beach

Here is where you all come in. Consider this post something of a poll where we are gauging possible interest in such a camp. I think $1500 to $2000 per person per week is in line with other surf/yoga/kayak retreats. Go ahead and let fly in the comments below.

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