Vagabonds in Paradise – to the Exumas

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National Family Island Regatta of the Bahamas 2014 - Bahamian Racing Class C Start at Anchor

National Family Island Regatta of the Bahamas 2014 – Bahamian Racing Class C Start at Anchor

Its time. The islands are calling – again. In a little more than a month, when the winter winds howl no more and the Gulf Stream quiets, we will take the little trimaran across from somewhere South of Miami to Bimini and beyond – our target, fabled Cat Island. And so we prepare.


Contemplating the future


  • a secure place to store truck and trailer for two months
  • freeze dried provisions for two people, two months
  • fruit cups, soups, protein bars, consumables for two for two months
  • complete route planning
  • Out-island chartlets and guide
  • set up emergency communications/locators
  • ensure the boat water tank delivers sweet fresh water
  • Porta-potti holding tank chemical
  • Reeve a new line for the Stbd tensioner
  • two spare 5 gal water containers
  • garden sprayer or pressure shower system
  • snorkeling gear
  • ensure adequate charging capacity for phones, cameras, speakers
  • lighten the boat of anything not mandatory for this trip
  • determine how to access internet while out at sea
  • determine and meet customs requirements

Not an insurmountable list for such a trip. We will vagabond our way and eschew the comforts of marinas most of the time. We do not intend to go with a flotilla or buddy boats, but should someone step forward or we meet a like minded crew along the way, we will not sail away from them.


The boat is ready  – sails, rigging, engine all new or nearly so and in great shape. The rig is tuned perfectly as she sits in the water now and will be returned to that state when we launch again in Florida.

Our general plan is to launch south of Miami and ride the stream to Bimini, cross to the Berries and thence across to Nassau. We will skirt south along the lee side of the Exumas and will wait for a weather window to cut through and cross to Cat in comfort. On Cat, we will check out possible sites for a  Yoga and Sailing retreat and then wander back. On the return, we may hug Eleuthra and return via the Abacos or back to the Exumas and home via Nassau and Bimini.


‘Tis a grand adventure we are contemplating, no easy task, but also not to be shirked. We will post frequently along the way and keep you up  to date. We will travel as lightly and simply as we can, micro-cruising the islands, immersing ourselves in the local scene as deeply as possible – no Disney cruise this. We set out to truly explore the Out-Islands – to get to know the people, history, culture as well as appreciate the natural beauty.

We will take all the lessons we learn and collect them in a volume or two of good words and pictures that can be used by future vagabonds as a guide book to barefoot-ing a trimaran thru the Bahamas. And if it works…..we will keep right on going. See you out there.

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