Yann Guichard – Route du Rhum

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Yann Guichard wrestled the huge trimaran Spindrift 2 across the Atlantic alone. Experience sailing Spindrift 2 in the 2014 Route du Rhum.

Sea stories are eternal…as long as there are men and women confronting the ocean there will be stories. But this one…this story…of a lone man attempting to sail a monster trimaran designed and built to conquer oceanic records – on a course that has claimed numerous multihull casualties – stands apart. For Yann Guichard to sail Spindrift2 alone across the Atantic is a super-human acheivement.

Imagine yourself coming on deck at sunset – a brilliant mid-ocean glow – alone – on a 100 foot trimaran smoking along at 25 knots…..life does NOT get better than that.

Fair winds Yann and all who make Spindrift 2 possible.

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